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iCloud Unlock

The Unlocker

The norm in iPhone's data security these days is of course the iCloud backup. By that we mean online storage for all your data, such as contacts, emails, documents, and other important files that you want kept safe. After all the devices we use, whether they be pc, tablet or mobile are physical objects, and therefore prone to malfunctions, damage and data corruption from outside sources. Every major company has a version of this cloud storage, including Apple. They started offering this service several years ago, now, aptly named icloud storage.

Made by experts!

The means by which they guarantee security is the high end encryption they use to scramble your data after placing them in online storage so that only the person with the correct code can unlock and see them. They claim that they even don't have that code and you possess the only copy. That, though, carries its own risk. What if you don't remember the code? Or simply you can't remember where you saved it? What happens then? In that case, there is little you can do. Or is there? Recently, we came up with an app on the web that is designed to be able to help with that. It is called iCloud unlock app. So how to unlock iCloud?

How it works?

We spent a considerable amount of time brainstorming this problem until we came to the perfect solution. This application bypasses the encryption algorithm that is used to secure your files. It doesn't hack it or change its base functions, it simply alters it so it can provide the unscrambled data, not the encrypted one. With that, the algorithm doesn't see it as hacking and doesn't raise the alarm falsely.

How to unlock iCloud?

We made it so that it the program itself is helping, not hindering. And to be even simpler to use, you don't have to download anything. We set up the entire iCloud unlock tool on our website. You simply have to input the proper account info and we do the rest for you. As soon as you click start, the iCloud unlocker automatically makes the necessary adjustments and pulls the unscrambled data of the server and sends it to whatever device you specified at the beginning. It doesn't even have to be an iOS device. That's the beauty of web based platforms. You can send the data to a windows-based or even android-based OS. It doesn't matter. It works just as fast and as accurate on iOS as on the others. That is one of the benefits of this iCloud unlock program. Another is that it is completely anonymous and made from experts unlike most of the apps on the market. The app itself doesn't retain any data after completing the unlock request. It finishes its job and purges its own system of all your data. This is so because we want to make sure that you feel secure with us. Nothing of the data that is decrypted or any info you inputted at the beginning is kept, everything is deleted. And the request itself is handled by a number of proxies and virtual networks to make sure the data, as well as the identity of the user is kept safe.


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