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The or is the default IP address and gateway of your modem or router. It is used to login into the device to can change or add custom settings. Many of the people make mistakes when trying to access the admin panel. In the text below, we are going to try to help you understand how and why is this panel used.

How to log in into

1. First, click here: LOGIN (if that is not working, click here: LOGIN)
2. Enter the username and password which is usually found on the bottom/back side of the router/modem (in most cases the default username would be "admin" and the password "1234" - without the quotes)
*If you can not login because of someone else changing the username or password, you can reset the router by clicking the small hidden button on the backside of your device (click it and hold it for 10-15 seconds then release).

What can be found inside the

The settings pages you get after the logging will vary for each router or modem. Inside you can make changes for the local connection of your computers, you can set the WIFI security (the password, the protection level, etc...) as well as you can do some advanced stuff like forwarding a port, blocking connections and many other complicated things that we do not recommend you to touch unless you know what you are doing.

192.168 ll,, 192.168 o l, 192.168 l, 192.168 l 0

All of the above stated IP addresses are mostly written by mistake from the people. The correct ones are either the or in some cases it would be We hope that you find all of the needed information by visiting our website. If you are having problems and you are not sure how to fix something, please contact us at: and we will more than happy to reply within the next 24 hours so we can together fix your problems!