iCloud Unlock Methods

The Beginnings

iCloud, as the first and best online storage that was created from Apple made a huge jump into the cloud services market. The idea of having a platform that will be able to store all the necessary media and files was globally accepted by every iPhone user. A nice system that stores everything "on the cloud" which is super encrypted and is helping you get access to everything you need in just matter of seconds. Every user gets up to 5 GB of free space which is pretty decent amount of storage. To can have more than that, you can purchase one of their packages that start from $0.99 for 50 GB and so on.

When the problems appear...

But in all of those good things, there is something that is making problems to the iCloud users. To can access to the stored files, you have to use the email and password you used while creating the account (in most cases it is the same email and password you use for everything Apple related) and the problem appears when people forget either the email or the password they have used for registration.

FREE Method to Unlock iCloud (Within 3 hours upon request)

IMEI Number:

Other simple ways to unlock iCloud without spending (much) money

1. Contacting Apple's support.

- If you are the real and first owner of the iPhone, to get your device unlocked you can just simply contact any official Apple store in your country and they will help you get your iPhone unlocked in matter of minutes. You will need to provide them your personal identity card and the IMEI code of the iPhone (together with the device itself). This happens to be the most reliable way of getting your iCloud unlocked and ready for further usage.

2. Using cheap online service for unlocking (NOT recommended!).

- The second way of unlocking locked iCloud would be by using an online service that will do the job for you. Such service that we recommend is the one from iPhoneimei.net. However, their service is pay-to-use and it starts from $42 and can take up to 3 days to be completed. There are many people that are happy by using this according to the reviews the site has from all over the internet.*

*We have not used this website and we can not 100% guarantee about it's quality.

3. Using a PC software that will try to unlock your iPhone and/or try to make backup of your "stuck" files and folders (Recommended!).

- The last but not least option is to go with a PC application that will help you unlock your locked iCloud. This is so far the fastest way of unlocking but requires you to have your iPhone connected through a cable to your PC until it's done. Here is a walk through:

  1. Download the PC application from here: LINK (VirusTotal Scan)
  2. Connect your iPhone with the PC.
  3. Click the unlock or make a backup button.
  4. Wait for the program to finish until it shows a message with the results.

*If for some reason you can not unlock your iPhone using this tool then I am sorry but this method most likely won't work for your iPhone device. As far as we know, this is working mostly with the iPhone 5, 6 and 7 models.

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